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Indiana Department of Revenue Awards Key Mission-Critical Contract to Fairfax Software

Indiana Department of Revenue Awards Key Mission-Critical Contract to Fairfax Software

19:14 22 March in Press Releases

Tampa, Florida, USA, March 22, 2021 – Fairfax Software is pleased to announce that it has been recently awarded a contract by the Indiana Department of Revenue (INDOR) to implement a single software solution to process remittances, forms, attachments, documents, correspondence, envelopes, and W2/1099’s; all tax mail received. This solution will be based on the award-winning Quick Modules 5.0 software suite which is an industry leading platform used by more state and local revenue agencies for remittance processing and data capture than any competitive system. For the last eight (8) years, Fairfax Software’s award-winning signature product Quick Modules has been in use at INDOR to process remittances of the incoming mail using the NCR (NYSE: NCR) iTran and ibml ImageTrac high-speed scanners. As part of this new contract, Fairfax Software will implement the latest version of the Quick Modules 5.0 software suite which provides a single platform designed to process virtually all of INDOR’s inbound mail and electronic transactions for payment processing and data capture.

Fairfax Software competed on and won this open procurement lent by the State of Indiana for the Indiana Department of Revenue. As part of this engagement, Fairfax Software will also Integrate with its partner Agissar Corporation for a tray tracking solution.  This comprehensive solution will provide complete end-to-end tracking of each mail piece from the moment it is received by the agency. In addition, the Fairfax Software solution will provide reporting and measurement of performance from the time the mail arrives to the time it is posted downstream to INDOR’s integrated tax system on one end and reconciled then posted in INDOR’s bank account on the other end.

Fairfax Software’s solution is unique in the industry, providing a more efficient approach with a streamlined single platform of imaging, remittance processing, data capture, monitoring and reporting for all tax types while balancing, reconciling, and depositing the daily fund receipts. Many technical features and business benefits associated with the implementation of the Quick Modules 5.0 system has made it the leading solution for clients that want a single platform to handle all of their inbound paper and electronic transactions.

The Fairfax Software system was built, as a unit, from the ground-up to process real-life tax data and electronic transactions with all of its associated attachments, with or without remittance, all in one single workflow under one common Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) SQL Server database. This paradigm, which was first invented and commercialized by Fairfax Software, has become a staple in state tax front-end processing for the last decade or more. More state tax and revenue agencies have adopted this paradigm than not.

Steve Chahal, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fairfax Software said: “We are elated to have been chosen by the Indiana Department of Revenue to provide a consolidated single workflow solution for its incoming returns. This solution will certainly fit like the glove that fits the hand and will streamline the INDOR workflow in the most efficient way possible.” Michael Minter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing stated: “This award is the culmination of eight years of partnership with the INDOR and goes to the heart of our trusting and productive relationship proving again that it is the best solution on the market for processing INDOR’s mission-critical incoming data”.

Fairfax Software has been providing state-of-the-art data capture and remittance processing solutions to state government clients, and more specifically state revenue clients since 1994. Fairfax Software’s solutions, based on the signature product Quick Modules, are now the de-facto engine powering the payment and data capture processes in thirty-three (33) different states and forty-three (43) state agencies.

Fairfax Software has recently announced that it is henceforth offering to host its mission-critical state government solutions in its secure and encrypted cloud on Amazon (NSDAQ: AMZN) Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure with several state governments having adopted it.

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Fairfax Software
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