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To develop and remarket its products, Fairfax Software cooperates with a number of partners. Fairfax Software chooses partners who are also industry leaders.

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Fairfax Software is on the cutting edge of advanced forms and data management technology, and we are committed to hiring the best talent available.

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About Our Company

Fairfax Software was founded in 1994 to provide products, services, and solutions to the document management, data and forms processing, and data entry industries, in the commercial and government sectors.

Fairfax Software is a leader in turnkey image-based products and solutions for the data capture, forms processing, document imaging, and tax remittance processing industries. With a solid base of system installations in the Commercial, Federal, and State marketplaces, Fairfax Software has gained a solid reputation as a premier solutions provider.  By utilizing our solutions, our customers are able to perform their data capture tasks more efficiently and more productively.

Since its inception, Fairfax Software has remained focused on its primary niche area of expertise. This focus and commitment to quality have led Fairfax Software to become a leader in the area of document imaging and automated data capture. A number of Fortune 500 corporations, including some of the largest corporations in the world, have entrusted their automated and human-assisted data capture needs to systems built and installed by Fairfax Software. By doing so, these corporations have seen a tremendous improvement in the efficiency and productivity of their workforce. They were also able to reap immediate and tangible returns on investments.

Fairfax Software builds core products based on technological breakthroughs in the imaging, character recognition, and document workflow fields. When designing these products, Fairfax Software takes the utmost care to ensure that they are easily and seamlessly integrated within larger end-user systems. Such seamless integration can be performed by Fairfax Software, the end-user client, or a third party system integrator, as needed to meet the objectives and requirements of the end-user client.

Some of the most mission-critical applications in the world have been successfully entrusted to Fairfax Software.  In order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction, Fairfax Software has always embraced a customer-centric management approach. In this approach, we commit to our partners and clients that for each project, we will always supply a dedicated seasoned Program Manager, and a number of project engineers, who always stand ready to serve the client, and whose sole mission is to provide functional systems, integrated on-site and within the customer’s environment. Moreover, Fairfax Software has provided business reengineering services to many government agencies and Fortune 100 companies throughout the US. Typically, our business process reengineering comes before the system is designed or installed, and is part of our overall system design methodology and philosophy. Our client organizations have been able to streamline their operations and become more lean and efficient after they have used and deployed our guidelines in the business reengineering domain, and have implemented in tandem our solutions that are coupled with our reengineering guidelines.

Every day, Fairfax Software’s products and solutions are processing hundreds of millions of forms and checks, which includes Check 21 processing, and depositing billions of dollars for our clients.

Fairfax Software is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with several satellite offices throughout the United States.

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