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Tax and Revenue

Fairfax Software has become a leader in the field of providing efficient, cost-effective solutions for government tax and revenue processing. As an integrated forms processing software program, Quick Modules meets the criteria for processing any document tax type, intermixed within a single, common workflow to provide streamlined efficiencies in tax remittance processing. With unique capabilities such as reading W2/1099’s and vendor substitute forms, electronic check presentment, including Check 21 processing, and complete tracking from the mailroom to taxpayer account posting, the Quick Modules tax solution offers unique system capabilities that streamline the processing of tax and revenue while improving taxpayer compliance, services, and satisfaction.

Our highly trained staff of professionals offers a complete range of services to ensure tax organizations are successful including forms processing/design, system analysis, and implementation.


  • Improved Turnaround time for processing refunds
  • Improved Deposit timeframes during peak and non-peak
  • Greater Accuracy of Captured Tax Payer Data
  • Improved Deposit Time for Funds Availability
  • Automation of both State and Vendor (Substitute) Forms
  • Ability to capture W2/1099 data for data mining activities
  • Increased efficiencies with AI and robotics technologies

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