To develop and remarket its products, Fairfax Software cooperates with a number of partners. Fairfax Software chooses partners who are also industry leaders. Fairfax Software relies heavily on its partners to market and diffuse its products. These partners work closely with Fairfax Software at lead generation, teaming arrangements, and contract/subcontract partnering.


International Partner




Holistec Systems Ltd  in Wellington, NZ  is the premier provider of Fairfax Software solutions in New Zealand and Australia. Holistec Systems Ltd is an  Enterprise Software Solution Provider specializing in:

  •  Payment Solutions
  •  CRM
  •  Workforce Management
  •  ECM and DAM
  •  Networking and Hardware Systems Integrator
  •  Software Development Division
  •  Mature Call Centre with value reporting



Marketing Partners

Our marketing partners include BancTec, Imaging Business Machines Limited (IBML), NCR, Agissar, and US Dataworks.

Product Development Partners

Our product development partners include Kodak, Mitek, and Microsoft.

Partner Program

Fairfax Software is actively recruiting marketing partners. We have numerous incentives for new partners to join our group of successful marketing teams. We have a reseller program for remarketing our products as well as lead sharing and partnering on system development programs.

If you are interested in partnering with Fairfax Software, please call (703) 802-1220, or E-mail us at