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Maintenance Support Services Hours

Fairfax Software customers may contact the Maintenance Support Group between 9:00AM and 3:00AM, Eastern Standard Time, Monday – Friday, excluding Fairfax Software holidays.

Accessing Maintenance Support By Phone, E-mail or Fax:

Tel: 1-877-OCR-TECK (1-877-627-8325)
Fax: 1-703-802-2878
Email: helpdesk@fairfaxsoftware.com

Or you can login to FAST! (Fairfax Account Support Tool):

FAST! Login

Each reported Maintenance Support request is logged as an incident and given a unique identification number for reference and tracking. After an incident is logged, it is assigned to a Level 1 Technical Support Specialist dedicated to the incident until is it resolved. If the Level 1 Technical Specialist is unable to solve the problem, the incident is escalated to a Level 2 Technical Specialist.

The Maintenance Support Group is available during normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for the principal period of maintenance. For customers who need to contact the Maintenance Support Group during normal business hours, fax and e-mail support are available providing multiple avenues for customers to submit their requests. Requests are received 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are logged and assigned to a technical specialist that day or the next business day depending upon the contractual agreement with the customer.

Requests for support should contain detailed information about your technical issue. To help expedite a solution, technical specialists need information that includes which Quick Modules application and hardware is associated with the problem. The assigned technical specialist will review the problem and respond by telephone or e-mail.

We can accommodate customers that require special response times, coverage hours, and days outside of our standard Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 3:00 AM Eastern Standard Time coverage. These coverage arrangements can be set up during the contracting period or modified upon notice to Fairfax Software should the need arise.

The time required to resolve support incidents varies depending on the type of problem, complexity and the ability to recreate the issue within our lab. Typically, we are able to answer questions and suggest solutions to problems on the same day we receive requests, but the turnaround time for a response will depend on the complexity of the problem.

If research or consultation with another technical specialist or engineer is required, a response may take longer. If the problem turns out to be software for which there is no immediate workaround, a final resolution may require programming modifications.

Having remote access, such as Virtual Private Network or PC Anywhere, assists the Support Group efforts in researching and resolving problems faster and more efficiently. These types of remote access allow us to navigate through your system without involving the client, eliminating the need to send files, logs, and other pertinent information. We can download the necessary information from your system to assist us with our research. We can then run the system in-house to reproduce the problem and more quickly determine the cause.

Having remote access also allows us to be able to implement updates more rapidly. System updates to address issues are provided with documented release notes and can either be deployed by the client or Fairfax Software if remote access is granted. Updates are deployed within the system’s test regions prior to implementation into production once all tests have been passed.

A client’s Maintenance Support Agreement includes software releases that are available to the Quick Modules users when they are released. Phone support for assisting in implementing the software releases is at no additional charge. If a technician is requested to be on site for the installation, the client is billed separately at the standard rates for labor, travel, expenses, and any training.