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Quick MV – The Solution for Electronic Title and Registration Processing

Fairfax Software’s innovative Quick MV solution provides vehicle dealers with  electronic Vehicle Title and Registration processing that both speeds up the process and prevents costly ‘do-overs’ due to missing and incomplete data. State forms are completed electronically for new Vehicle Title and Registrations, Title Transfers, Duplicate Title requests, and Registration Renewals. Before paperwork is complete, a Fairfax Software title clerk performs a review to ensure accuracy and completeness before submitting electronically to the DMV. Dealers can also research Vehicle Identification Numbers and Titles in the Quick MV application. Quick MV is available right now in Indiana.

Quick MV Brochure – Indiana BMV 

Quick Tags – The Solution for Temporary Vehicle Registration

Fairfax Software’s Quick Tags solution streamlines the temporary vehicle registration process for vehicle dealers while substantially reducing cost and improving DMV back-end processes. When a vehicle is sold, the dealer logs into Quick Tags, provides the required information, and the temporary registration is assigned to the new owner in seconds. Tag numbers are managed by a database and assigned to a vehicle at the time of registration. When the registration is complete, the dealer prints the temporary tag and the new owner is ready to roll.

QuickTags Brochure


Designed by Fairfax Software, Quick MV and Quick Tags are configurable to accommodate unique state requirements and provides robust features for agency oversight. Dealers, law enforcement, and DMV personnel have controlled access to the system. Quick MV and Quick Tags are cloud-based solutions hosted by Fairfax Software.

California Quick Tags

Below are instructional documents on printing TLPs from Quick Tags using 4 different browsers.

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Edge

California Quick Tags – Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions can a user have open?

A user can only have one Quick Tags session open at a time. If a user tries to log in from another workstation while still logged into another, the system will provide the below error message:

What happens if the System Goes down?

When each user starts a Report of Sale, a Temporary License Plate Range is provided to that user. If the system goes down, an error message will appear. The user is allowed to continue up to 5 Reports of Sale. When the system is back up and running, the system will sync up the Reports of Sale that were issued while off line.

How often do passwords need to be changed?

The system will require a password change every 90 days. The system stores twelve months of passwords so ensure you change your password frequently

Will the TLP #’s be randomly generated?

The DMV provides each provider a TLP range. TLPs will be issued to each user randomly.

Will a Dealership have a sequence of TLP #’s that will be exclusively used by them and only them?


Will ROS #’s be randomly generated?

Yes, the DMV provides us a range to stay within, but users will get randomly generated ROS numbers.

Will a Dealership have a sequence of ROS #’s that will be exclusively used by them much like they have sequential pre-numbered two part form currently?


If a Dealership gets their access code on 12/10/18, can they begin using the system and switching over to TLPs from that point forward or do they need to wait till 1/1/19?

Once you receive your access code and receive your paper, you will be notified when you can start using the system in production. A staged roll out is planned. A select group of dealerships will be going live mid-December. If you are not notified to start earlier, plan on starting on 1/1/2019.

What is going to happen if a Dealer uses a paper REG form after 1/1/19?

Per the DMV. paper Report of Sale forms will be returned to Dealerships for Electronic Reports of Sale.

Can the TLP be laminated or placed in some sort of plastic sleeve before it is attached to the vehicle?

This is not necessary. The paper is weather proofed and can be affixed to the vehicle directly.

What should be done with the current REG51 forms that they have left over on 1/1/19? Shred? Send back to Occupational Licensing?

Please do not return to Occupational Licensing. An Occupational Licensing Memo will provide instructions on destruction procedures.

What is the Fairfax Software Customer Service phone number and what are the hours of operation?

Our Customer Service line is Toll Free: 844.425.5824
Hours: 6 a.m. to Midnight 7 days per week Pacific Standard Time

What is the Fairfax Software Customer Service email address?
If an additional dealership/branch will be opened after the turn of the year with a new Branch/Dealer #, who do I reach out to in order to get set up with the program?

Reach out to us via email at cadmv-quicktags@fairfaximaging.com or call us at (844) 425-5824.

Do dealership employees need to have sales person license from the DMV in order to issue e-ROS and Temporary License Plates?

Any Dealership Employee can enter a ROS, if they don’t have a license number, they’ll have to enter the Sales Person Name and Sales Person License number at the end before the ROS and TLP are issued.

When do we print TLPs for REG51?

All vehicles using REG 51 forms that don’t have the required number of CA licenses plates will need the number of TLPs required by CA law. (eg. 2 for Autos/Trucks/MCs and 1 for trailers)
For Out of State used vehicles (aka – “Non-Resident”):
Both out of state plates come off and TWO CA Temp Tags should be printed
For California used vehicles (aka – “Resident”):
If vehicle is a California vehicle, the first question to ask is:
Does the vehicle have BOTH California license plates affixed to the vehicle?
If YES….regardless of whether the California license plates are valid or invalid, no Temp Tag is printed.
ROS should be taped in front window as per current process. BOTH California plates MUST be present.
If NO….remove the single plate and print TWO Temp Tags.

Does the paper have any security features to it? Like watermarks or imbedded security strips?

The Paper has a watermark and it has a barcode serial number to track each piece.

If one Dealer runs out of paper, can they just go grab some from another Dealer or is there something in the ordering of the paper that ties/matches the paper to the Dealer who ordered it?

If a dealer runs out of paper, they can borrow from another dealership, however, we track the paper we shipped to each dealership and report that to the state.

Will the paper be blank when it’s ordered or does it have the barcode of the QR code? What does the barcode identify

The paper has a barcode on it that contains a serial number. The QR code has vehicle information in it. The same information that is on the TLP.

After we get our codes on 12/10/18, if we order on 12/10, what is the turn around time going to be that we should have the paper in hand by?

If you order by 12/10, the paper will arrive within 7 days.

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