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Over its 20 year history, Fairfax Software has become the leader in providing government entities with excellent programs and services for their document processing and tax remittance processing needs.  From local governments such as the City of Virginia Beach to several state government departments such as the Georgia Department of Revenue, New Hampshire Department of Revenue, California Department of Motor Vehicles, among others, Fairfax Software is very familiar with the day-to-day operations these organizations perform.  We have become an integral part of their operations and provide the type of service that is critical for their success in serving the public.

Quick Modules from Fairfax Software is currently installed at nineteen different municipal (state and city) tax and revenue departments in the United States. Our presence in the market is much more than all of our competitors combined. We derive about 60% of our revenues from our state tax and revenue agencies. In addition to providing document processing and image retrieval solutions, we are called upon to consult with these tax and revenue agencies to bring best practices to their tax processing environments. In addition, Fairfax Software is the largest government reseller of scanning and mail opening equipment. We receive large discounts from well-known and highly respected vendors. Fairfax Software has interfaced with a wide variety of integrated tax systems utilized by government entities.


  • Reduced costs and unmatched ROI
  • Automatically identifies tax/remittance forms, including W-2s
  • User defined rules increase data entry accuracy
  • Process thousands of transactions every day
  • Check 21 (ImageRule in Canada) processing included

For more information, please see our pages on Tax and Revenue ProcessingLabor Department projects, and Departments of Motor Vehicles.