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Check 21

Simultaneous form, fax and check processing solution

In early 2006, Fairfax Software added Quick Check 21 (CheckRule in Canada) processing capability to its award winning suite of software. The Quick Check 21 (CheckRule in Canada) module is part of the Quick Modules software suite, a fully integrated, simultaneous fax, check, and forms processing solution. Quick Check 21 (CheckRule in Canada) is designed to provide customers with automatic, efficient electronic check presentment to improve the availability of funds received. The solution can be deployed as part of any Fairfax Software’s award winning solutions, or can be implemented standalone or combined with competitive systems.

Through the system Deposit Monitor feature, Quick Check 21 (CheckRule in Canada) capabilities include image retrieval quality assurance of every item processed, business rules for ensuring no duplicate checks are processed, the ability to correct any MICR data prior to posting, rescanning of check images and an audited, secure transmission to and from the depositing institution with exception handling capabilities. Virtually any size business can scan checks and transmit them to their participating bank using Fairfax Software’s, Quick Check 21 (CheckRule in Canada) software.


  • Reduction in processing costs
  • Eliminate courier fees
  • Improved Deposit of Funds
  • Greater Funds Availability
  • Greater Accuracy

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I attended several conferences on Check 21 and heard many nightmare stories of problems. We have not experienced any of these problems.

— Joyce Siverd, Deputy Treasurer, City of Virginia Beach