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Content Management with OnBase


Fairfax Software and Hyland have partnered to provide the industry with the best in content management, payment processing, and process automation solutions. As an authorized Hyland Reseller, Fairfax Software can better serve its client base with a 360-degree complete end-to-end solution. Our new combined offering will encompass best in class transactional and batch processing on the front-end and full-service content management on the backend, all under the hegemony of the world’s most reliable workflow engine, OnBase. As a responsible software vendor, Fairfax Software accepts full responsibility for the complete 360-degree end-to-end solution.

OnBase is a single enterprise information platform used by more than 20,000 organizations worldwide for managing content, workflow, and cases. This cost-effective tech platform is scaled to match the client’s requirements. All of the client’s data accurately captured by the award-winning Quick Modules software can now be electronically centralized in one location, one repository, and under the control of one workflow. This is the Power of One for this formidable solution offering.

Gone are the days where the end users are overwhelmed with an array of different information technologies to manage. Gone is the islands of automation syndrome. A new era of highly accurate data capture, data tracking, and content management has begun. A new paradigm has been ushered in for all client organizations wishing to capture data to the highest level of integrity and then exploit it properly.

In this new paradigm, Quick Modules digitizes the client’s data and captures it accurately and efficiently using the most sophisticated business rules for data validation and passes image data, metadata, and statistical data down to OnBase’s content repository in a seamless manner. OnBase then digitally connects the clients’ critical content to the data in its core line of business systems, providing users with instant access to all relevant information directly from a familiar system. With OnBase, the client will gain advanced functionality such as displaying documents and transactions, searching documents by metadata and tracking all the business activity around transactions such as calls and notes.

The combination of these two formidable software components Quick Modules and OnBase speeds up processes and reduces costs by capturing all data elements into one system; managing data, documents and processes; integrating with your existing systems; providing instant access to everyone who needs it; giving visibility into your processes and system performance and securely storing, protecting and destroying your information.

Quick Modules by Fairfax Software, represents the latest in innovation and design, for the total information capture solution known worldwide for more than 25 years. OnBase, Hyland’s flagship product, is a content services platform designed to manage enterprise content, processes, and casework. Together, these two companies, and their respective software, provide best of breed solutions for their collective customers.

With OnBase, it’s easy to design solutions that meet your organization’s specific needs. OnBase is modular by design, allowing you to tailor your solutions to your exact requirements. The six categories listed below will help you understand the breadth and depth of the OnBase product.

The six (6) OnBase Functions provided for full Electronic Document Management

Capture – For ease of use, all capture for the OnBase system is provided by Quick Modules. This ensures all data elements from all sources (documents, checks, payment items, emails, attachments, correspondence, envelopes, etc.) have been, captured, validated, and completed by Quick Modules using the business rules established before output to OnBase. Output to OnBase is an automatic unattended process that does not require operator action.

Process Workflow automates many of the predictable, repeated steps in the client’s processes. OnBase uses workflow to create simple step-by-step routing rules for each document. The key advantage is that departmental staff are able to maintain these routing rules without having to involve IT.

Access- OnBase makes content available to employees wherever they are, from almost any device, at any time. The same information can be available to any application which increases user efficiency.

Integrate OnBase offers touchless integrations with your business applications so you can retrieve documents, upload content, view related content and participate in workflows without modifying your business application.

Measure – Using an intuitive reporting interface, the solution includes an extensive set of 180 pre-configured reports together with a wizard-driven tool for creating and managing reports specific to your needs.

Store – OnBase provides complete control to securely store, protect and destroy records using retention schedules.

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