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Quick Payments Consolidator

Manage All Your Payment Streams with a Single Dashboard

Most organizations today have a variety of payment streams that require time consuming manual procedures to manage. Before management can get a complete picture of the day’s totals, the accounting staff must ‘work’ reports, spreadsheets, and files to create a consolidated report usually in the form of a spreadsheet.

Quick Modules Payments Consolidator is designed to streamline the process. Electronic files and reports from all payment streams are received, processed, and written into the Quick Modules database automatically. Up-to-the-minute status of payment streams is provided through a browser-based management dashboard that can be accessed securely from virtually any location and customized with point-and-click ease. In addition to viewing consolidated totals, other benefits include consolidated reporting, posting to multiple accounting systems, and full end-to-end auditing.

Payment streams can be input from virtually any source including:

  • ACH Processors
  • Point of Sale and Cashiering Systems
  • Lockbox Deposits
  • Internet Payments
  • Credit Card Processors
  • Check 21 (CheckRule in Canada) Files
  • Manual Deposits
  • Wire Transfers

Features Include:

  • Modern thin-client system architecture that is easy to maintain and integrate with existing enterprise applications
  • Data storage in a secure encrypted database
  • Single Sign-On and Active Directory compatible
  • Unlimited scalability to accommodate any size user
  • Consolidate all payments types into a single archive. For electronic transactions, virtual documents are created and archived to provide a copy of the transaction that can easily be viewed and printed to resolve customer service or audit queries.