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Enterprise ePayment Portal

Standardize Payments Across the Enterprise

Quick Payments is a web-based Enterprise ePayment Portal that is an extension of the award winning Quick Modules system. The solution is designed to provide state-of-the-art payment processing to existing applications. Using web services API’s, all applications that require payments can have access to all of the features and functions provided by Quick Payments without costly time consuming development required to add features to each individual application. As new payment options become available or requirements change, changes are made to Quick Payments providing new functionality to all connected applications instantly. The solution is cloud based can be hosted by Fairfax Software or in your in-house data center.

Processing Options
Quick Payments can be accessed in multiple ways. A legacy application can perform a secure Web Services API redirect to Quick Payments that contains all the customer and invoice information for the required payment. Quick Payments then builds the invoice on the screen and provides the customer with all the available options to pay. After the payment is processed, the resulting data is redirected back to the legacy application.

The customer can also have the option of logging in securely and directly to Quick Payments.  Quick Payments will  then access the host accounting system via secure API to retrieve open invoices and present them for payment.

Complete Back Office Integration

  • Connections to Merchant Services Providers provide support for all connected applications
  • Real time and batch-based posting options
  • A consolidated transaction file is provided for download to financial systems
  • Automatic reconciliation of statements from the bank and merchant services providers
  • Automatic generation of journal entries for each transaction
  • Automatically generate and email customer statements
  • Generate invoices on-demand for immediate payments

Designed to Compliment Your Existing Systems

  • Screens can be customized to match the look and feel of legacy applications
  • Data is managed in a SQL database
  • Support for legacy system database look-ups for data validation
  • Comprehensive system audit features
  • The latest data security and encryption
  • Template based point-and-click setup allows for customized configurations
  • Quick Payments Workflow Monitor provides up to the minute status of system activity

Multiple Payment Options

  • Users can pay an invoice with more than one payment type
  • Multiple invoices can be paid with a single payment
  • Payments can be scheduled for a future date
  • Support for Payment plans and recurring payments
  • Automatic payments
  • Pay as a guest or setup a user profile
  • Paid invoice is available in PDF format
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Complete payment lifecycle management

Customer Self Service Features

  • Customer can manage their own account
  • Research payment history
  • Pay open invoices and statements
  • Download and print paid invoices that includes all confirmation codes and payment data

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