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Professional Services

Fairfax Software complements its world-class products and solutions with world-class IT talent to help make the system installation and deployment smooth and worry-free. Our Professional Services Group experience spans the spectrum of the field. They also understand Quick Modules as well as the third party products used in our solutions such as Microsoft, Oracle, Mitek, and other reputable organizations. The range and breadth of our engineering and professional services help us tailor and integrate the best solution to meet and in most cases exceed our customer’s requirements. Our professionals cover systems analysis, project management, integration, testing, and training.

Our Professional Services Group approach is embodied in its Mission Statement:

Understand our client’s unique business needs and provide services while delivering a custom solution that meets or exceeds defined requirements and maximize their return on investment.

Fairfax Software’s system analysts get involved at the early stages of system planning. They present our customers and our design and development teams with system architecture that takes into account volume, throughput, and sizing data. This analysis is presented to our customers as well as the project managers to develop a solution that is properly sized and properly scoped.

Fairfax Software certified PMPs (certified Project Management Professionals) have implemented and managed complex systems, both large and small, to meet our customer’s expectations and needs. We pride ourselves on our success, but we also understand that our successful installations have been due to:

  • Experienced technical and project management staff
  • Seasoned, certified professionals and designers
  • Communication and cooperation between our team and the customer’s team
  • Adherence to timelines and schedules
  • Execution of sound, technical project management principles
  • Exercise of the latest technologies in our area of expertise
  • Reliance on our proficiency in our market niche

Fairfax Software actively recruits, motivates, and nurtures our technical talent. Our professionals’ experience spans technologies in the following IT domains:

  • Database development
  • Scanner interfaces
  • Check transport interfaces
  • Web development
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) development
  • Fundamental imaging algorithm development
  • Character recognition algorithm development (machine-print and hand-print)
  • Image manipulation techniques
  • Multi-media extraction
  • Inter networking
  • Interface to legacy systems

Under the guidance of our project managers, our professionals ensure that our systems integrate with our customers’ environments in a seamless and error-free manner. As required by our customers, we develop the interfaces to existing legacy and main frame systems to ensure a worry-free transition.

Fairfax Software pays particular attention to comprehensive operator and system administrator training. We believe that well trained operators are important to enable a robust system to show its merits. Well trained system administrators are important to harness the full power of the installed system. Our goal with every installation is to ensure that operators are fully fluent with system features and operations and that system administrators are able to provide proper operation of the system on a day-to-day basis.