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Fairfax Software offers the most sophisticated & comprehensive data capture and color imaging system ever integrated into a PBM mail-service pharmacy operation. Although imaging technology has been deployed in many mail-service pharmacies, until now, a comprehensive system has never been developed. With systems installed in several of the largest PBMs, Fairfax Software has the experience, insight and technology to help your organization reach and exceed this new standard.

Fairfax Software systems are designed to tightly integrate with your existing pharmacy management system. As a result, they extend your host system by delivering order header data, refill Rx detail data, and images to the host. This information can originate from diverse sources such as the mailroom, faxes, and phone calls.

Further extending the systems highly effective order entry process, the Quick Modules solution for PBM’s offers unprecedented capabilities of automated recognition of prescription header information and item entry to speed the processing of drug fulfillment and providing real world effective ROI and lowering cost to fill expenses.

You immediately reap the following benefits:

  • Automatic Order Creation
  • Improved Rx Entry Efficiency
  • Optimal Recognition And Routing of Faxes
  • Reduced Costs
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Decreased Order Turn-Around Time

Additionally, integrating the systems makes the following possible:

  • Order Information is Available to Customer Service Reps as soon as Documents are Scanned.
  • Mail Opening, Scanning, and Data Capture Operations from the Pharmacy
  • Robust Electronic Order Routing among Downstream Facilities
  • Pharmacy Protection from Biologic/Chemical Mail Contamination

Because Fairfax Software systems have a modular design, extensive features, and built-in customization capabilities including AI and robotics applications, they can be rapidly deployed and easily changed and expanded to keep up with your growing business.

In addition to mail-service and specialty pharmacy fulfillment, Fairfax Software’s offerings extend into the back office as well, including paper claim and payment (remittance) processing. With general image storage and retrieval, many of your existing units can benefit from this system, such as your contracting department, legal department and any of the document-intensive areas of the specialty pharmacy operation.

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In dealing with prescriptions, we are dealing with people’s lives. Quality is extremely important.

— Tony Keller, VP Right Source Operations