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Lockbox Processing

Quick Modules Lockbox provides banks and lockbox processors a robust single platform for retail, wholesale, property management, digital, and medical lockbox processing. Using the latest point-and-click technology, new lockbox accounts can be added quickly without application programming. Each lockbox application is set up with a unique workflow and processing rules. Utilizing RPA (Robotic Process Automation), the system is designed to tackle complex or “dirty” work that the typical lockbox system is unable to automate and outsourcers are reluctant to process. With rapid lockbox deployment, Quick Modules Lockbox can provide a competitive edge in the marketplace while driving new revenue opportunities for the bank while increasing the speed and efficiency of workflows and processes. Quick Modules Lockbox is designed to use industry-standard infrastructure like SQL database, Active Directory, thin-client, and virtual servers, making it easy to add Quick Modules Lockbox to your existing environment and to support it moving forward.


  • Single platform for all lockbox payment types
  • Dashboard monitoring and system control of work in the process
  • Thin client implementation
  • Industry-standard database
  • Point and click lockbox setup
  • Point and click report setup
  • Setup output files without programming
  • Flexible business rules
  • Graphical workflow setup
  • IQA/CAR/LAR/ICR/OCR/Mark Sense
  • 2d Bar Code, 3d Bar Code, Patch Code, QR Code
  • Structured, Semi-structured, and Unstructured Forms
  • Web-based exception resolution and research
  • Web-based update of ‘hot’ files
  • Automatic notifications via email and SMS text
  • Smart Phone and Tablet ready
  • Remote scanning
  • Check 21 (ImageRule in Canada) ready


  • A secure in-house system that resides within the bank’s firewalls
  • Rapid deployment of new lockbox accounts
  • Extra time and cost of application programming is eliminated
  • A modern application that is actively supported by the vendor
  • Reduce maintenance cost compared to legacy lockbox systems
  • Improve operational efficiencies, decreasing errors and exception handling
  • Virtual servers reduce infrastructure cost
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase the volume processed daily and reduce or eliminate backlog
  • Ability to handle all forms processing of different payment types

Other Financial Applications

Banks, brokerages, mutual funds, insurance, credit card, and consumer finance organizations can all benefit from the operational efficiencies and system capabilities of Quick Modules outside of the lockbox environment.

Quick Modules offers form and payment transaction solutions available to companies including intelligent document recognition, electronic check presentment, remote deposit/image capture, OCR/ICR data capture, advanced image storage, and archiving, all under the control of automated workflow processing.

Quick Modules offers clients supportable and flexible processing environments to meet the needs of virtually any application. As the name implies, Quick Modules offers a modular approach to solving the client’s needs and can be integrated with existing legacy systems, even competitive ones, to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Potential Applications:

  • Securities and proxy processing
  • Claims processing
  • Loan applications
  • Brokerage accounts
  • Wire Transfer receipt, examination, routing, storage
  • Remote image capture with centralized examination and processing
  • Any large-scale data entry/data capture application

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