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Mobile Capture

Use Your Mobile Device to Capture all Documents

Quick Modules is one of the most versatile systems in the marketplace today for intelligent document processing. From the traditional customer who prefers to mail in their payments and documentation to the millennial that prefers to submit files using their phone, Quick Modules is ready to process all your inbound file types. Advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence) automate processes and bots designed for repetitive tasks with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) reduce errors and increase productivity. Streamlining processes helps your staff work smarter and maximize efficiency while reducing costs. An easy-to-use dashboard facilitates the management of incoming work and tracks progress throughout the day, with resulting statistics for both processing queues and operator performance.

Quick Mobile Capture Features Includes:

  • The Quick Mobile Capture App is designed for both Apple® and Android® smartphones and tablets
  • The app controls the camera and storage on the device. Images and data are rendered on the server and are never stored in the device’s photo gallery.
  • When a transaction is complete and received by the server, device memory is automatically cleared. This protects the data should the device be lost or stolen
  • Data and images are encrypted
  • The mobile device connects to Quick Modules via a secured internet connection. The internet connection is provided by your mobile phone carrier or a Wi-Fi connection

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